To ensure quality, on time completion and cost control, Client agrees that change orders will only be approved by sales or executive management; and can not be negotiated directly with the job site crew. All change Orders must be paid in full within 24 Hours of client/contractor agreement.

Contractor and Client Duties Regarding Change Orders:

  1. Change Orders are defined as a circumstance whereby the client asks for a change to the original design, additional work, which is beyond the agreed upon Scope of Work.

  2. If the Change Order does not require different or additional materials, or labor, Contractor may approve the change with no additional charge.

  3. Change Orders that require additional materials, equipment, labor or that lengthen the time it takes to complete the job will require the Client to make additional payments and to adjust the schedule against existing jobs, or to pay overtime rates to complete the job as originally planned.

  4. IF THE CHANGE is Client ­Initiated, Contractor will notify client in writing, via email, confirming the description of the Change Order, the additional cost, and resultant changes in the job completion schedule.

    a. If the client does not agree to the change order cost, client must respond via email within 24 hours.

    b. if Client has not responded affirmatively, Sales Agent will follow up with Client by phone, voicemail and email as well.

    c. Contractor strongly prefers to receive an affirmative response from Client. However,  maintaining our installation schedule is paramount, therefore, no response from Client will constitute approval.

    d. Contractor will always attempt to provide detailed communication in good faith, via phone, and verbally in person. But since change orders can be complicated, we will abide by this policy.

  5. If the Change Order is initiated by the Contractor, then the client has 72 hours to approve the Change and cost proposal. After 72 hours, the Contractor will communicate with Client and ask for a final decision.

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