The Zen Customer Commitment

1. Our first job is to take care of the customer. So we make every job we do the best one we have done to date. We love what we do, and we put it into what we make. We make unique, one-of-a-kind products, whether it’s a kitchen or a loft bed. We provide quality and craftsmanship. We appreciate the customers who appreciate what we do.

2. We use the book, “Hug Your Customers.” We like businesses that use empathy to put themselves in the customers shoes, and give exemplary service. We go the extra mile, in small ways and in big ways. We try to do at least one especially nice extra thing in every job, no matter what size.

3. We provide plans, sketches, drawings, and 3D renderings, before a project, and get those approved by the client. We provide stunning, visually-pleasing work. So the project has to start with a custom-made, clear, precise plan.

4. We provide a written three-day notice of right of cancellation, at the time of a sale, in house. We provide a written “change order” policy. We provide a detailed Scope of Work for a project.

5. We do follow-up with customers, after a project is complete, to make sure the client is satisfied, and that their expectations were met or exceeded.

6. We seek to develop long-term relationships with our customers, as with our coworkers.

7. Zen means don’t push yourself around. It means don’t rush. It means give yourself time, give yourself uncommon compassion.