Custom-made furniture for clients in Brooklyn, and Beacon, NY.

Butcher Block Counter-top: Made this kitchen island, food prep surface out of an old bowling alley piece from upstate NY. The surface was stripped, sanded and oiled, so that it is food-service ready. Yes, you can chop and eat off a surface that used to be a bowling alley.

Consol Table: Custom consol table, built to spec for a customer in Williamsburg, BK. Made of butternut wood, AKA “American White Walnut.”

Walnut and Cherry Table: Solid walnut and cherry dining room table, with matching skirt, varnished with polyurethane.

Solid Cherry Bookcase - custom made for a client in Beacon, NY, solid cherry with a ton of wild live edge. Interlocking pieces and notches make a sturdy design that stands up like a tree.

The Illuminated TriBeCa Bookcase

We built, installed, and painted this lovely white bookcase in TriBeCa, NYC. Also built a custom ladder, on casters, “library ladder” style, with solid oak steps. 

Next year, we came back and added 40' of high-quality LED lights, dimmer switch and transformer.

Location : TriBeCa, NY

Apartment Conversion

We converted a large studio apartment in Jersey City into a two bedroom, with new walls, and doors. New tile in bathroom. It was our idea to open up the kitchen wall, and bring in natural light, and a new walnut bar/breakfast nook in the kitchen.

Location : 280 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NJ

Kelly’s Kids Playhouse

After Super-Storm Sandy, Kelly’s Kidz Playhouse daycare center was flooded and wiped out. Zen Carpentry provided inexpensive construction services, replacing damaged sheetrock to get this important small business back on its feet.

Location : Rockaway Beach, NY

Black Forest Flammkuchen Mobile Food Truck

We were hired by the good cooks of Black Forest Flammkuchen to clad their new mobile wood-burning pizza oven, in distressed hemlock and cherry. A one-of-a-kind project! 

“Sander moved his schedule around and had himself and his crew in the Catskill Mountains do the job quickly, professionally, and beautifully. We got exactly what we asked him to do: Our mobile restaurant is sided now in rustic weathered reclaimed hemlock that Sander acquired, as well as cherry from his collection of hardwoods. Our business is doing great, thanks to our remarkably eye-catching trailer.” — Andrew Chase

Black Forest Flammkuchen

Renovation of Catskills Mountain Home

Working with investors, we bought and fully renovated this abandoned property, with vintage manufactured home. Added new deck, new roof, built a new front door from scratch, added new windows, new floors and bathroom. It’s a cozy spot, very peaceful, at the foot of a mountain. It’s on the market now, contact RM Farm . 

Location : 31 Spring Street, Livingston Manor, NY

Roofing Projects

Stripped, repaired plywood underlayment, re-papered and replaced ice shield, and shingled these roofing projects in Catskill Mountains, NY. We also managed a steel roofing project upstate for the Dai Bosatsu Zendo monastery, Beecher Lake, NY. 

Location : Sites on Dubois Street, and Spring Streets, Livingston Manor, NY

Passive Solar Home, New York

This is a passive solar, energy efficient home in Willowemoc, New York. We sheetrocked the entire interior. We sheathed the whole exterior in local cedar siding.

Kitchen Build at 287 Park, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

New kitchen, from architectural plans, supplied by MADE Architecture . Thanks to Michael Zanzano, our excellent cabinet specialist.

Laughing Lotus Yoga Retail Store Construction

Location : 636 Avenue of the Americas, NYC, NY 

Zen Carpentry provided plans and 3D renderings as general contractor for the blitz build-out of the Laughing Lotus yoga center’s internal retail outlet. We also did demo, new construction, paint, and electrical, working with other contractors who provided retail fixtures. We also built the new altar, and installed the grandiose, red, umbrella-like, chandelier of enlightenment. And we did it all in one weekend.

Some of the design and planning work we provided for this project:

Loft Beds!

Zen Carpentry is NYC's #1 maker of loft beds. We have an entire web page dedicated to just this. Here are some interesting loft beds, some with cubby staircases, some with ships ladders, some with custom-milled, small batch local hardwoods. 

Here's a special loft bed we designed with our draftsman, Rene Reyes, for a loft space in Long Island City, NY. Included small LED over-head lights.