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Brooklyn Game Lab

Chambers Street, Tribeca, NYC

Brooklyn Game Lab is a growing small business, which encourages kids to unplug from screens, and learn people skills, through board games. After running two successful stores, CEO Bob Hewitt turned to Zen Space Makers, Inc. to help him open up his Tribeca store. We re-surfaced the floors, and designed and built a giant board games case. It was 24’ wide by 15’ tall.

Brooklyn Game Lab 3D Rendering.JPG

the design…

Case with Trim on It.jpg

… & finished product.

With solid 2” tall walnut trim we made in house. Material was pre-finished 1” birch ply. We made 54 boxes in house and installed on New Year’s Eve to stay on deadline!

Plus Branded Radiator Registers!

As an added touch, we used our laser-cutter and design team to custom design and cut the Brooklyn Game Lab logo into the five custom radiator registers that serve as ventilation covers at the base of the cabinet. Below are video of the radiator covers being cut by laser.

Custom-radiator covers for for Brooklyn Game Lab's new store in Tribeca.
Custom radiator "registers" (covers) that we had laser-cut from digital files, with logos, for our client Brooklyn Game Lab.
Working on New Year's Eve, here's the moment in which we "topped off" and we had just loaded in the heavy, top box of the huge, 24' x 15' board games display case. The guys were a bit tired, but we all felt great. Working for the kids! For the cause!