Zen is a "back to basics" form of Buddhism.

Zen emphasizes daily practice of "zazen" meditation, to build awareness, and compassion, and to get out of your own noisy head. 

We find our own awakened nature in our daily, ordinary mind. Zen and carpentry go great together, because the work becomes safer, and our level of customer service becomes more sensitive to our cient's needs. 

Zen Carpentry has done volunteer work for the monastery at Dai Bosatsu Zendo. Our founder, Sander Hicks, was given the Zen name "ShoAn" ("hands of peace") when he took Jukai vows in November, 2014. Zen Carpentry has brought up its Sales Associate Dee Harris for "Intro to Zen" weekends. Dee had a deeply wonderful experience. "Intro to Zen" is a great time - and it  is something we recommend everyone do at least once! 

Here are some pictures of the work we have done for different Zen purposes. First, some walnut planters we made for Shobo-Ji, here in NYC. Below, some images of DBZ, upstate in the Catskill Mountains. One of our richest experiences was putting on a new steel roof on the giant woodshed. At last, one of the many meditation altars we have made. This one was for Sal's Pizza.

 For more on Zen, Zen Carpentry, and
Zen teacher Sherry Chiyat Roshi, see this 13 minute video: